Nayax’s Tips for Upselling Items in the Unattended Market

The cashless payment market removes cash limitations on sales and this opens up the unattended world to greater sales volume. We at Nayax have some consumer engagement tips and upselling ideas to convince consumers to buy more.


Many times, the purchase of one item encourages the purchase of a second item, and when consumers see a complementary item for sale in close proximity they will be tempted to buy that item. For example, placing a vending machine that sells phone chargers near a vending machine selling sim cards.


Consumers can be enticed to buy more additional items with color touchscreens such as the VPOS Touch’s with high resolution. This interactive feature can also communicate promotions. For example, with the growing trend in healthy food, consumers may want to know about calorie count or about an item’s ingredients. Touchscreens can provide users with such details or suggest items that pair together nicely.

A row of vending machines encourages complementary food pairing. One tip for upselling items in the unattended machine market.

Placing complementary vending machines next or near each other is one effective upselling tip for vending machine operators.


Some foods seem to go together naturally like chips and a soda. Present consumers with these associations with imagery and by placing two complementary machines next to each other such as a vending machine selling snack items next to a coffee machine.


When buying something from an unattended machine people behave differently because they are less inhibited by social judgment. For example, in micro market kiosks or restaurants with self-ordering kiosks, there are several opportunities where people might choose larger orders or more items. Adding options for extra toppings or leaving out ingredients for more customized orders can lead to larger sales.


Operators can gain a lot of insight about their consumers by looking at Nayax’s Management Suite. Operators can look at the best and least selling items from the backend and decide how they might change up their product mix or the planogram. Operators can replace the items that don’t sell with new products. This shows consumers that operators are keeping up with retail trends.

Operators need to continue to play with their processes to attain success. More importantly, operators should use the data and technology at their disposal to improve sales, and Nayax is here to help you with this.