Five Communication Alerts to Help Your Unattended Operation

You and your employees can’t be next to your machine 24/7/365. After all, that’s the entire premise of an unattended machine.

Apart from planned visits, how do you know if your machines are really working? Do you have to wait until you receive a phone call from a disgruntled customer? Or do you find out during your planned visit? In either scenario, you’ve already lost potential sales.

So, what method of communication do you currently have in place? What if there’s a power outage and your machine has blown a fuse? How do you know if your product inventory is low or completely sold out?

In short, how can you receive immediate information that impacts on your sales and productivity?

Nayax's communication system for remote operationsNAYAX’S ALERT SYSTEM

One of Nayax’s greatest advantages for operators is our robust alert system. Nayax’s complete solution includes telemetry – communication between you and your unattended device. And this system is completely customizable, ensuring that you can easily choose the alerts you want to receive, on each individual machine.

Below is a list of Nayax’s top five alerts sure to make a difference to your everyday routine.


    This alert lets you know if your machines have lost power. It’s especially useful if your machine can be easily unplugged due to its placement and electricity source, such as a kiddie ride in a mall. Or if you’re selling ice cream and need to respond immediately to avoid losing hundreds of dollars of inventory.


    If your machines accept cash, Nayax’s system can keep an eye on that system for you! Receive notifications if the cashbox is more than the threshold or if the tube levels are lower than the threshold.


    Don’t miss any potential sales by having an understocked machine! Nayax’s communication system lets you know immediately if your product inventory is below threshold. Alternatively, it can let you know if the number of vendouts are more than the threshold you set for any particular machine, preventing your machine from looking unattractive to passersby.


    This alert gives you a heads-up if, for any reason, Nayax’s server is not communicating with the machine for longer than the established threshold.


    While you might not expect sales 24 hours a day, you probably expect at least one transaction a day. Your machine might be working, with a full inventory. But receiving this communication alert lets you know that you might want to check in on your machine. This can give you a heads-up in case someone has maliciously placed an “Out of Order” sign on a machine!

You can easily choose these five among the many alerts available to you within Nayax’s Management Suite. These can greatly increase your productivity, saving you time and money.

If you’re interested in learning more about Nayax’s alert system, or to see how our cashless payment system can work within your operation, contact us today!