The Nayax Business Intelligence (BI) system is an advanced analytical tool that equips operators with smart analysis and customizable reports.

Nayax’s one of a kind Business Intelligence vending software system, developed in-house especially for the needs of this industry, allows operators to analyze data collected in real time. Unattended machine operators receive automated reports in any format that they choose, offering a better understanding of what works for their business and how to increase sales based on factors such as location and product profitability. The BI vending software enables operators to analyze every aspect of their business in an innovative and easy way. Nayax’s smart dashboard shows operators a real time snapshot of actionable insights that create measurable results. Nayax BI enables users to create their own report – choose the data, columns, graph – and filter the data they want to see.


  • Forecasts of inventory issues and needs based on historical data
  • Compares sales effectiveness by location
  • Analyses product cost and sales growth
  • Highlights “best sellers” for optimized sales readiness
  • Shows machine status on a map, allowing operators to better plan visits and offer better customer service
  • View key indicators with drill down ability, multiple filters and selections
  • Customizable reports to be sent to a predetermined mailing list at scheduled time and in any format
  • Reports based on Visit 2 Visit (V2V) data enables smarter machine management and saves operators from spending money on unnecessary trips to machines.



Hierarchical permissions guarantee that team members can view only the information that is relevant to them. A route manager, for example, would only have access to the machines on his specific route.

All reports and dashboard information can be exported to Excel. Members of the top-level management team receive reliable data in a central system, reducing their reliance on personnel. Additionally, when machine operators are looking to win a bid to place their machines at a specific location, Nayax’s BI vending software gives the operator an advantage over the competition. Operators can generate customized reports (designed by the operator with chosen fields and data) directly from the system to show to those considering the bid.

Win more bids using Nayax’s BI system. Give your operators the ability to show customers and institutions the transactions from a specific machine or the profits of all their transactions within a specific time period. Each operator can choose which data to show their clients, creating a sense of transparency and customer loyalty.The customer’s ability to monitor sales in their location is a significant advantage for vending operators bidding on tenders.